City of Blinding Lights

Tableau 'City of Blinding Lights'

City of Blinding Lights, technique mixte sur panneau, 64x84, septembre 2015

Neon Lights (Lexington Av)

Neon Lights (Lexington Av), Technique mixte sur panneau, 70x50, août 2015

Neon Lights (Lexington Av), Technique mixte sur panneau, 70x50, août 2015

Get On Your Boots

Tableau 'Get On Your Boots'

Get On Your Boots, technique mixte sur panneau, 40x50, Juillet 2015

Walk On

Tableau 'Walk On'

Walk On, Techinuqe mixte sur panneau, 50x50, mai 2015

White As Snow

Tableau 'White As Snow'

White As Snow, Technique mixte sur panneau, 40x50, avril 2015

One Step Closer

Tableau 'One Step Closer'

One Step Closer, technique mixte, 70x50, 2013

The Waitress Ruby’s Dinner

Tableau 'The Waitress Ruby's Dinner'

The Waitress Ruby's Dinner, technique mixte, 50x40, 2013

The Hydrant

Tableau 'The Hydrant'

The Hydrant, technique mixte, 50x40, 2012

Into The Heart

Tableau 'Into The Heart'

Into The Heart, technique mixte, 40x50, 2013

Beautiful Day

Tableau 'Beautiful Day'

Beautiful Day, technique mixte, 50x40, 2012

Broadway On My Mind

Tableau 'Broadway On My Mind'

Broadway On My Mind, technique mixte, 50x40, 2012

The Paper Box

Tableau 'The Paper Box'

The Paper Box, technique mixte, 70x50, 2013

Winter Time

Tableau 'Winter Time'

Winter Time, technique mixte, 50x40, 2012

Stop At The Dinner

Tableau 'Stop At The Dinner'

Stop At The Dinner, technique mixte, 30x40, 2012

San Francisco Chronicles

Tableau 'San Francisco Chronicles'

San Francisco Chronicles, technique mixte, 40x50, 2012

Manhattan Bridge

Tableau 'Manhattan Bridge'

Manhattan Bridge, technique mixte, 70x70, 2012

January In Times Square

Tableau 'January In Times Square'

January In Times Square, technique mixte, 70x100, 2012


Tableau 'Elevation'

Elevation, technique mixte, 40x50, 2012

East River

Tableau 'East River'

East River, technique mixte, 50x40, 2012

Back In NYC

Tableau 'Back In NYC'

Back In NYC, tecnique mixte, 40x50, 2012

Voyage à San Francisco

Tableau 'Voyage à San Francisco'

Voyage à San Francisco, technique mixte, 30x40, 2011


Tableau 'Vancouver'

Vancouver, technique mixte, 36x43, 2011

The Night Colors

Tableau 'The Night Colors'

The Night Colors, technique mixte, 30x40, 2011

Play The Blues In Memphis

Tableau 'Play The Blues In Memphis'

Play The Blues In Memphis, technique mixte, 30x40, 2011

On The Rock

Tableau 'On The Rock'

On The Rock, technique mixte, 30x20, 2011

New York Sunshine Spring

Tableau 'New York Sunshine Spring'

New York Sunshine Spring, technique mixte, 50x40, 2011

New York Snow And Sun

Tableau 'New York Snow And Sun'

New York Snow And Sun, technique mixte, 50x40, 2011

New York Late Afternoon In The End Of Summertime

Tableau 'New York Late Afternoon In The End Of Summertime'

New York Late Afternoon In The End Of Summertime, technique mixte, 40x50, 2011

New York

Tableau 'New York'

New York, technique mixte, 30x40, 2011

Millenium Park

Tableau 'Millenium Park'

Millenium Park, technique mixte, 30x40, 2011

Les Couleurs de San Francisco

Tableau 'Les Couleurs de San Francisco'

Les Couleurs de San Francisco, technique mixte, 30x40, 2011

Jazz à New York

Tableau 'Jazz à New York'

Jazz à New York, technique mixte, 40x50, 2011

In The Streets Of SF

Tableau 'In The Streets Of SF'

In The Streets Of SF, technique mixte, 30x40, 2011

Harbour In Cape Cod

Tableau 'Harbour In Cape Cod'

Harbour In Cape Cod, technique mixte, 30x40, 2011

Flowers Tower

Tableau 'Flowers Tower'

Flowers Tower, technique mixte, 30x40, 2011


Tableau 'Florida'

Florida, technique mixte, 40x50, 2012

Desert Sky

Tableau 'Desert Sky'

Desert Sky, technique mixte, 30x40, 2011

Clouds Over The Bay

Tableau 'Clouds Over The Bay'

Clouds Over The Bay, technique mixte, 30x40, 2011

Central Park

Tableau 'Central Park'

Central Park, technique mixte, 40x30, 2012

5 Av

Tableau '5 av'

5 av, technique mixte, 40x50, 2011

San Francisco

Tableau 'Play The Blues In Memphis'

San Francisco, technique mixte, 30x40, 2010

New York, New York

Tableau 'New York, New York'

New York, New York, technique mixte, 30x40, 2010

It’s Up

Tableau 'It's Up'

It's Up, technique mixte, 30x40, 2010


Tableau 'bridge'

Bridge, technique mixte, 30x40, 2010


The Forest

Tableau 'The Forest'

The Forest, technique mixte, 30x40, 2008

The Bridge

Tableau 'The Bridge'

The Bridge, technique mixte, 30x40, 2008

One Way To Shop

Tableau 'One Way To Shop'

One Way To Shop, technique mixte, 30x40, 2008

NY Kitchen 2

Tableau 'NY Kitchen 2'

NY Kitchen 2, technique mixte, 13x18, 2008

NY Kitchen 1

Tableau 'NY Kitchen 1'

NY Kitchen 1, technique mixte, 13x18, 2008

Behind Skyscrappers

Tableau 'Behind Skyscrappers'

Behind Skyscrappers, technique mixte, 30x40, 2008


Tableau 'Broadway'

Broadway, technique mixte, 30x40, 2008

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